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The benefits listed here are current as of this writing but may change at any time without notice. The GSR is not responsbile for errors in ommission or misrepresentation. Contact the GSR for the latest information on GSR Membership Benefits available to you.

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Grand Sport Registry Membership Benefits
    While our emphasis is and will continue to be on the 1963, 1996, 2010-2013, and 2017+ Grand Sports, GSR Membership is open to all Corvette enthusiasts. Grand Sport or Corvette ownership is certainly encouraged but not required. Check out these benefits and then Join the GSR today!

    Through the courtesy of not one, but TWO sponsoring Chevrolet dealerships, GSR Members may order any new Corvette Grand Sport at or below the level of SUPPLIER PRICING. This typically equates to an overall discount of between 6.5% to 7.5%. You must be a bonafide GSR Member (the dealerships will verify your eligibility with the GSR) and you must go through the specified Program Coordinators. See the Supplier Pricing Info in the GSR Members Only Section of the GSR website for full details. This is a limited time offer and may be withdrawn at any time.
    The GSR Membership Badge is very distinctive and rates high on the "cool" factor. Featuring the ever present hashmarks, the screen printed plastic badge includes your name, GS # (if applicable), city and state. And no pins to poke holes in shirts or clips to break as our badges feature a handy magnetic back. Annual memberships include one badge. Lifetime memberships include a badge for yourself and spouse, both with prominent "LIFETIME" markings. Replacement or additional badges are available through the GSR Store.

    Of course, you are proud of your Grand Sport (as you are of ANY Corvette) and you'll want to tell the world you are also a proud member of the GSR. You'll receive a static cling window decal featuring the Grand Sport Registry logo. Lifetime GSR Members get a special "LIFETIME MEMBER" decal and lapel pin, too. Extra decals are available through the GSR Store (free for Lifetime Members). Order extras for your other vehicles. Put one on your minivan! At least it will be cool in that respect.

    Exclusive to GSR Lifetime Members, one of these specially designed lapels pin is included in each Lifetime Member Welcome Packet. Additional pins for a spouse/significant other may be purchased through the GSR Store.

    As a GSR Member, you may participate in various Group Purchases we arrange with national vendors for really cool and unique Grand Sport goodies.... all at a special GSR Member-Only Price! In the past we've arranged group purchases for custom throttle body plates, leather jackets, tapestries, wrist watches, folding chairs, and car covers... all specific to the Grand Sport. Keep an eye on the web site and email list for announcements of upcoming group purchase opportunities. But remember, it's for GSR Members only!

    The GSR Classifieds Ads page draws a lot of visitors looking for that "perfect" Grand Sport or parts and accessories for their own Corvette. You can take advantage of its popularity through FREE classified ads for GSR members ($20 non-members). Also note that classified ad fees goes into our fund as part of our annual donation to the National Corvette Mueseum.

    GSR Members get 10% off all merchandise (except for special sale merchandise) in the GSR Store. Lifetime GSR Members save 15% off their purchases. Sorry, no discounts on shipping fees. The GSR Store accepts your personal check, PayPal, or major credit and debit cards through our secure online shopping cart. Of course, you may always place your order via US postal mail.

    What in the world are Hashbucks??? It's just another way the GSR thanks our members for their support by saving them a bit of money! For every $50.00 spent in the GSR Store (excluding shipping and certain specials), Members earn $1 in Hashbucks Reward Certificates that can be applied to their next online purchase in the GSR Store.

    Become a Lifetime Member of the GSR and get an immediate $25 Hashbucks Bonus!

    Membership Referral Awards! Current GSR Members that refer a friend to the GSR will get $5 in Hashbucks when they join for 2 years or more. Refer a new Lifetime Member and you'll get $10 in Hashbucks! Just make sure they put your name on the "Referred by" line of their GSR Membership Application and you'll get a Hashbucks Reward notice via email. Help grow the GSR!

    Hashbucks REWARD Certificates (awarded as a "thank you" by the GSR) are non-transferrable and expire one year from date of issue (no expiration date for Lifetime Members). Hashbucks GIFT Certficates (purchased by GSR Members) expire 5 years from date of purchase. Neither have cash value and may be applied to GSR Store purchases only.

    Because the GSR is a Lifetime Business Member of the National Corvette Museum, GSR Members may join the NCM at a whopping 25% discount for new individual & family memberships (sorry, no discount on Lifetime NCM Memberships). Contact Stephanie Morrill, the NCM Membership Director, or call her at 800-53VETTE for more details.

    The GSR supports the NCM! How about you?

    At a recent Concours d'Elegance event at Amelia Island in Florida, we arranged some very special concessions for our members to get them "up close and personal" with the five original 1963 Grand Sport Corvette race cars. In a later event, we arranged a private tour of the famous Collier Collection in Naples, Florida, of antique and racing automobiles (including an original 63 GS). More recently, we attended the Vettes on the Rockies show in Colorada and the Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan. You never know where we might turn up so make plans now to join us at our next big GSR event!
    At most national and larger regional events, we will organize Grand Sport ONLY Parking Corrals for our members. These corrals are usually intended for Grand Sports only to maintain a visual impact. But at the discretion of the individual event organizers, GSR members driving other Corvettes may usually park at one end of our corrals (not intermixed with the Grand Sports) given space is available. At some events we'll have a canopy with tables and chairs and some cold soft drinks to share with our members and often some special GSR-only awards or prizes, too. We're always a fixture at events such as The Gathering at the National Corvette Museum in May, Corvettes at Carlisle in August, and Mid America's Corvette Funfest in September, so look for us. We're usually not that hard to spot!

    The GSR provides an email discussion list for members and the public to exchange information, tech tips, etc. Unlike some other lists, we try to avoid all the "fluff" by keeping the content specific to Corvettes and the Grand Sport. Sign up today.

    The old GSR Forum has been taken offline due to lack of use and a few technical difficulties. But a brand NEW, fully updated GSR Forum is comming soon! While many GSR Members enjoy the GSR Email List because it is fast and convenient, the new GSR Forum will provide easy access to archived Grand Sport and Corvette information on all sorts of topics plus a new photo gallery! We hope to install the new Forum software and get it up and running soon so stay tuned for the announcement!

    Lots of cool stuff for GSR members only (and more to come!):

    • 1996 GS VIN/RPO Database
    • 1996 GS Owner History List
    • Expanded C4 & C6 Tech Tips
    • GSR Member Discount Codes
    • GSR Membership Roster
    • GS Stuff!
    Most importantly, membership in the GSR will help you get more enjoyment out of these very special Corvettes by sharing your enthusiasm with others who feel the same way. While our emphasis is and will continue to be on the 1963, 1996, 2010-2013, and 2017+ Grand Sports, GSR Membership is open to all Corvette enthusiasts. Grand Sport or Corvette ownership is certainly encouraged but not required. Many of us have established lifelong friends through the GSR and getting together during the year is like a family reunion, but a heckuva lot more fun.

    In fact, we like to think that GSR Membership is "More fun than you can shake a dead skunk at!"  

So quit reading this drivel and JOIN THE GSR TODAY!!!

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