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Ads are FREE for current GSR members selling their personal property or placing a wanted ad. Non-members and commercial dealers may place Corvette related ads upon receipt of a classified ad fee of $20.00 for non-members, $30.00 for dealers. All ads run for a minimum of twelve (12) months unless earlier ad cancellation is requested. 100% of all fees collected will be donated annually to the National Corvette Museum.
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After you click on Submit, non-members and dealers will be given the opportunity to pay the ad fee via PayPal/credit card or check. All ads run for 12 months unless earlier cancellation is requested.


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100% of classified ad fees received will be donated annually to the


Fees: Classified ads are a FREE service to Grand Sport Registry (GSR) members. Members may post for sale ads only for personally owned vehicles or parts. Non-Member ads will be considered upon receipt of a classified ad fee of $20.00 for individuals or $30.00 for commercial dealers.

100% of classified ad fees received will be donated annually to the National Corvette Museum on behalf of the GSR.

Duration: Ads will be automatically removed after 12 months or upon request. Please be kind and let us know when your item sells so the ad may be promptly removed.

Content: Only Grand Sport or Corvette related items may be posted as wanted or for sale. Ad submissions may be edited for clarity or refused based on objectionable content. 1996 Grand Sport Corvette for sale ads must include the short VIN (last 4 digits). All vehicle for sale ads must include mileage and asking price. All ad submissions must include the seller's state and either email address or telephone number.

General: All ads will be reviewed by the GSR prior to posting. Advertisers may request corrections at any time via email.

Ad Photos: If you choose to submit optional photographs for your ad (maximum of 4), email them to the address, below. Photos must be specific to the item you are selling. Inappropriate images will be refused. Images may be resized or edited to fit. Only .JPG, .GIF, and .BMP formats are supported.

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Liability: The GSR has none! The GSR is not responsbile for errors in ommission or misrepresentation. Sellers and buyers must coordinate payment and delivery independently of the GSR. Caveat Emptor!

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