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  2. Hello, 1st and foremost “Thank you for accepting our GSR membership” My wife “Jodi” and I are proud owners of a 2011 C6 Jet Stream Blue Grand Sport LT3, this is our 2nd Corvette. Kind Regards, Philip Rowe
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  4. You might check with C7 Carbon (c7carbon.com) to see if their aftermarket components would fit the stock spoiler. If not, you could buy a complete unit from them for much less than you would pay at the dealer. GSR Members can get a discount by purchasing thru the GSR, as well.
  5. Your only choice is the dealer or perhaps find a used one on eBay from time to time. Good luck!
  6. One of my key fobs is MIA. I asked the dealer about getting a replacement and they didn't have an answer. Any suggestions?
  7. I have damaged one of my front spoiler wings. Chevy will only let you buy the complete spoiler kit. Are there any other sources for the wings only?
  8. I am the proud owner of a 2017 Grand Sport Conv. 3LT / Heritage package / Brembo Ceramic Brakes / Z07 Suspension / Last 6 Vin # 114035. My question is about the alignment of said Corvette. The factory/dealer alignment spec's on these Vettes are very aggressive, leaving lot's of room for improvement in the premature wear arena. Are there any club members that have experienced this issue, and have any recommendations as to alignment spec's for normal driving on the flat roads of Florida . All comments and or recommendations would be appreciated Cheers to all, Walter "Bubba" & Dee Cote
  9. GSR Member 2022 1 Posted December 14, 2021 I am now down to one key fob for my 2017 GS. I have a fob from a 2015 Z51 that was destroyed. Does anyone know how to get a replacement fob or get the one from my 2015 reprogrammed? Thank you in advance.
  10. I purchased my 2012 Grand Sport last year.....great car but I really miss having a back-up camera. Would appreciate any recommendations on what back-up system works best and any installation companies in New Jersey. If possible, I would like to keep the original Nav display screen and radio. Many thanks, Paul
  11. Hello Has anyone repainted their rim barrels , after putting on new weights and nicks ,they need a repaint. Not sure what paint gm used. Thanks Jim
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