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Today is Saturday, October 1st, 2016
  Have you hugged your Grand Sport today?

GSR's Quote of the Moment

Welcome to the
Official Grand Sport Registry!

The online resource for all C2, C4, C6 and C7 Grand Sport Corvettes
... and the Stinkers that love them!
The GSR Offices and Store will be closed through Sunday, October 9th, so we may attend Corvette Funfest and a take long overdue vacation. New Membership Applications and Renewals are welcome and may still be submitted during this time but any responses, including new member welcome packets and membership badges, will be delayed until our return. Thanks!

If you like Grand Sports, or just Corvettes in general, you're at the right place. Welcome to the home of the Grand Sport Registry!

While most of this web site is open to the public, some sections are reserved for GSR members only. But must you OWN a Grand Sport to qualify for membership? Not at all...

Join the GSR Today!

Membership is open to
ALL Corvette Enthusiasts

Grand Sport ownership is not required.

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Not everyone can own one of the limited edition 1996 or C6/C7 Grand Sport Corvettes, let alone one of the original multi-million dollar 1963 GS factory race cars. But you don't have to own one of these very special Corvettes to share in the excitement they generate.

While our obvious focus is the Grand Sport, enthusiasts of all other regular production Corvettes are welcome here. All it takes is a deep appreciation for the marque and Zora's legend... a legend reborn in the GSR!

Our members enjoy multiple benefits, including discounts from national vendors and the GSR Store, plus we are a Lifetime Club Member of the National Corvette Museum. The sooner you become a member, the sooner you benefit, so we urge you to JOIN THE GSR NOW!

John 'Hutch' Hutchinson
GSR Skunkmaster

C6 GS Custom Floor Mats.
C6 GS Custom Floor Mats
C6 Grand Sport custom front and rear cargo mats with multiple GS logo and C6 emblem choices. Visit the GSR Store for discount pricing.
C6 Mild 2 Wild Exhaust Control.
C6 Mild 2 Wild Exhaust Control (click for info)
. Open and Close your C6 NPP Dual Mode Exhaust System by remote control. 5 minute installation. No permanent modifications. A must have accessory for all C6 Corvettes! Visit the GSR Store for discount pricing.
C4 GS Car Cover.
C4 GS Car Cover (click for info)
. This amazing 1996 Grand Sport Indoor Car Cover was jointly designed by Mid America Motorworks and the GSR is the perfect accessory for your '96 GS. Visit the GSR Store for discount pricing. 8/12/16 UPDATE: These covers are now shipping!

  • Grand Sport 20th Anniversary Event
    and Corvette Funfest, Sep 15-18, 2016
    at Mid America Motorworks, Effingham, IL

  • Welcome our Newest Members!
  • Bob & Mary Phillips (NH)
    1996 GS Coupe #057
  • John & Lisa Cross (PA)
    2017 Grand Sport
  • Fred & Tammy Cupp (FL)
    2011 Black GS Convt
  • Brian & Janice Durr (MD)
    2013 Torch Red GS Convt
  • Anthony & Theresa Ehlen (NY)
    2007 Z06
  • Emmons & Barbara Green (PA)
    2011 Velocity Yellow GS Convt
  • Bill & Kathleen Groote (MO)
    2013 Supersonic Blue GS Convt
  • Bob & Tina Knisely (OH)
    2012 Supersonic Blue GS Coupe
  • Robert Kostaras (PA)
    2010 Torch Red GS Convt
  • Jack & Linda Millelot (NJ)
    2012 Torch Red GS Coupe
  • Tom & Lynnette Ondo (PA)
    2010 Black GS Coupe
  • Walt & Vicki Richard (VA)
    2012 Inferno Orange GS Coupe
  • Linda & Don Specht (TX)
    2012 GS Centennial Ed Coupe
  • Jim & Stephanie Fitch (MO)
    2010 Jetstream Blue GS Coupe

  • * indicates Lifetime Member

  •   Stinker of the Week!  

    Grand Sport 20th Anniversary Celebration!

    If you can only attend one GSR event this year, it must be the Grand Sport 20th Anniversary celebration during Corvette Funfest at Mid America Motorworks in Effingham, IL, Sep 15-18. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime event to be enjoyed by all generations of Grand Sport enthusiasts... C2, C4, C6 and the new C7 GS!

    Besides the largest ever assemblage of Grand Sport Corvettes, we will have special guests, unique display cars, GS-only awards and parking, valuable door prizes and charity auction items, GSR banquet, GS-led downtown parade, special goodies for GSR Members, free Saturday night concert, and so much more.

    Be sure to sign up for the special Grand Sport Exclusive Parking option when you register online for Corvette Funfest. We'll cya there!

    Click HERE for all the info!

    Did you know? ...

    GSR Members enjoy all these benefits:
    • Discounts from national Corvette parts vendors!
    • Discounts on GS Goodies from the GSR Store!
    • Free National Corvette Museum eMemberships!
    • Free GSR Classified Ads!
    • Special Access & Parking at Corvette Events!
    • GSR Members Only Information!
    • GSR Membership Badge and Windshield Decal!
    • "Hashbucks" coupons for even more savings!
    • More fun than you can shake a dead Skunk at!
    So go on... be a Stinker... Sign up now!

    GSR Staff & Volunteers
    Cruise Director
    NCM Ambassador
    John 'Hutch' Hutchinson
    Maureen 'Mo' Waller
    Gary Wollenhaupt

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    For GSR Members Only!

    Remember... because the GSR is a LIFETIME BUSINESS MEMBER of the National Corvette Museum, all GSR members may join the NCM at a huge 25% discount on new Individual or Family Regular Memberships. Join the NCM Today!

    Have you hugged your GS today?

    Where in the World is YOUR '96 Grand Sport?
    Updated 8/09/16

    COUPES (16):    MIN: $18,000    AVG: $30,536    MAX: $54,500
    CONVERTIBLES (9):    MIN: $27,500    AVG: $45,299    MAX: $64,900
    Click here for detailed list (updated 4/25/16)


    Grand Sport Registry membership is open to all Corvette enthusiasts!
    Grand Sport ownership is obviously encouraged, but not required.

    ALL Corvette Grand Sport Enthusiasts are welcome here!
    Join the GSR today!!
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