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Today is Sunday, May 19th, 2024
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If you like Grand Sports, or just Corvettes in general, you're at the right place. Welcome to the home of the Grand Sport Registry!

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While our obvious focus is the Grand Sport, enthusiasts of all other regular production Corvettes are welcome here. All it takes is a deep appreciation for the marque and Zora's legend... a legend reborn in the GSR!

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  • Corvettes at Carlisle, 22-24 Aug 2024
    Carlisle, PA

  • National Corvette Caravan, 29-31 Aug 2024
    Bowling Green, KY

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    National Corvette Caravan

    29-31 Aug 2024, Bowling Green, KY

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      Stinker of the Week!  


    We all know that the iconic design of the 1996 Grand Sport Corvette (with its bold full-length Arctic White stripe, brilliant Admiral Blue body, and those legendary Torch Red Hashmarks) is a stunning visual statement that is envied and copied to some extent throughout the automotive industry... and sometimes not very well.

    Fortunately, that is certainly not the case with the example shown here. This beautiful 1992 C4 Corvette convertible is owned by Andrew Schmidt of Omaha, Nebraska. Rather than attempting a "clone" of the 1996 GS, Andrew wanted to make his own statement while still following the design cues of the original. Only this time, he reversed the color scheme by applying a full length blue stripe over the white body and of course, retaining those red hashmarks!

    Even purists will have to agree the end result is stunning and indeed a unique ride to be proud of.

    Well done, Andrew. Ya done good!

    P.S.: In case you're wondering, the stripes are precision die cut vinyl decals made by our good friends at Auto Trim Design, available from the GSR Store in a multitude of colors. Good stuff!

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    Where in the World is YOUR '96 Grand Sport?

    Corvettes at Carlisle 2024

    22-24 Aug 2024, Carlisle, PA

    COUPES (9):    MIN: $24,200    AVG: $40,021    MAX: $64,900
    CONVERTIBLES (6):    MIN: $24,900    AVG: $44,483    MAX: $60,500
    Click here for detailed list (updated 01/19/24)

    ALL Corvette Grand Sport Enthusiasts are welcome here!
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